Why we do what we do.

Our purpose is to aid the world in restoring Earth’s climate by Partnering with Phytoplankton!

We believe if the war on climate change is to be won, it will be in our oceans. Did you know the majority of Earth’s CO2 is held in Limestone deposited on the seafloor from shelled organisms over millions of years?

White Cliffs of Dover
White Cliffs of Dover (seabed limestone peaking out from the ocean). Image Source: Wikipedia.

How did that Limestone get there? FROM PHYTOPLANKTON & FISH!

Ocean Photosynthesis (provided cold nutrient-rich water) – the oceans hold 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere and 20 times more than is held on arable land. When PHYTOPLANKTON & FISH die, they sink to the ocean floor as marine snow, taking biological CO2 with them. Natural solution!

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Ocean Photosynthesis
Image Source: Alaska Fishing


Humans have existed for 700,000 years living with CO2 levels between 180 ppm to 300 ppm. Alarming is the rate at which CO2 is rising in the present day, a similar rate that was only recorded coming out of the previous ice age, where Earth experienced mass extinctions (bye-bye Wooly Mammoth). Mass extinctions are now underway.

We are presently at 420 PPM (May 2021). Image Source: The Foundation for Climate Restoration

Renewables are not enough!

As noted by Canada’s National Observer, the rate of fossil fuel burning is increasing, and CO2 emissions have not slowed down. Summit after summit, COP after COP, Accord after Accord… we need to act now in removing CO2 from our atmosphere.

Image Source: Canada’s National Observer

How we restore Earth’s climate.

We Accelerate the Biological Carbon Pump by Fertilizing Phytoplankton with Autonomous Artificial Upwelling!

Our team of engineers and ocean scientists have pioneered a method for restoring our climate by upwelling (or pumping) cold nutrient-rich seawater from 500 meters deep to fertilize phytoplankton, microscopic algae that double in mass every 24 hours and absorb CO2, using our breakthrough wave-powered climate technology, the Autonomous Upwelling Pump (AUP). AUPs are free-floating buoys, equipped with satellite GPS, designed to flow within the ocean gyre currents, triggering phytoplankton blooms year-round.

Ocean Gyres
Phytoplankton Bloom, Atlantic Ocean. Source: NASA

Each AUP can remove about 250 tons of CO2 per year and it’s verifiable with biogeochemical Argo floats paired with an OTEC battery, a breakthrough in 2021, that allows us to achieve daily gradient readings of CO2 (down to the cubic centimeter) from the surface to 1000 meters depth. In addition, on the outlet of the AUP is a temperature sensor and a wave height/period sensor and at the bottom of the pump is a 2-ton weight that keeps the AUP verticle. On the intake valve is a mesh that prevents any deep ocean creatures (larger than a half-inch) from being pumped to the surface. Data is provided pubically, 24/7.

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30 second video demonstration of how AUPs work for fertilizing phytoplankton.
Ocean deserts
Deployment zones suited for low chlorophyll zones (dark blue to purple). Image Source: SEOS Project
We have more than 100 days of testing. Peru in the image above.

What we do.

We get companies to carbon negative at less than US$ 10 / ton of CO2 removed, long-term cost, or no cost with “Stock for Carbon.”

We manufacture and deploy Autonomous Upwelling Pumps (AUPs) for public corporations to meet their carbon negative goals and for world governments to meet their Paris climate accord promises. AUPs, in addition to removing CO2, achieve localized ocean fertilization (more biomass: zooplankton, fish, tuna, sharks, whales), and at scale will provide jobs in port cities around the world.

We are Ocean-based Climate Solutions, Inc. (OBCS), an ocean-based climate restoration company that fertilizes phytoplankton using renewable wave energy.  No cash needed to purchase to get carbon-negative. AUPs can be purchased with Stock for Carbon.

OBCS, founded in 2018, is a spinoff of its parent company, Atmocean, Inc., founded in 2005. A few highlights of our accomplishments:

  • Conducted more than 100 days of ocean tests in Texas, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Bermuda, Peru, and Newfoundland.
  • Performed 6 weeks of wave tank tests at Plymouth University (UK) and Texas A&M.
  • Received nine grants for technical evaluation from Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories.
  • Received three grants from Oregon Wave Energy Trust and the UK Technology Strategy Board.
  • RFP from Microsoft 2020 & RFP from Stripe 2020 & 2021.
  • Entering in Elon Musk’s X Prize Carbon Removal Competition (2021).
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Team testing in Peru
The Discovery Channel’s Feature on our Technology in 2008!

History of our Development

Philip Kithil, Founder and CEO of Ocean-based Climate Solutions, narrates the history of the development of the Autonomous Upwelling Pumps.


Let’s work together to get our childhood climate back.

Our mission is to capture gigatons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in the deep ocean. By doing this, we’ll help companies achieve net-zero emissions; governments meet their Paris Climate Accord promises; slow global warming; and replenish life in the sea. We accomplish this by leveraging the regenerative power of phytoplankton to help Earth heal itself, powered entirely by ocean waves.


To enable Earth’s regenerative wave power to fight the climate emergency and return life to the sea.