To restore our climate, billions of tons of CO2, mostly from fossil fuel use, must be removed annually.

It's impossible without oceans.

Why do we need to use the oceans to do this?

According to scientist Tim DeVries from UCSB, "The ocean holds vast quantities of carbon that it continually exchanges with the atmosphere through the air-sea interface. Because of its enormous size and relatively rapid exchange of carbon with the atmosphere, the ocean controls atmospheric CO2 concentration and thereby Earth’s climate on timescales of tens to thousands of years." (The Ocean Carbon Cycle. Annual Review of Environment and Resources 2022 47:1, 317-341).

We produce, deploy, and operate our patent-pending wave-driven ocean upwelling pumps which mimic and gently accelerate natural ocean biological and chemical processes to increase the exchange of CO2 into the oceans, helping achieve this goal. Our preferred locations are in deep water off island-nations in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.

Team Members

  • Philip W. Kithil

    BA/MBA Economics, Serial entrepreneur. 12 patents previous automotive safety sold 2004 to NYSE-listed OEM supplier.
  • Philip Fullam

    Chief Engineer
    BSME/MBA. President, Reytek LLC, producer of our pumps. 40+ years experience mecha-tronics, engineering, materials science, manufacturing.
  • Dr. Ian Walsh

    Ocean science/sensors
    BS/MS/Ph.D. Formerly Senior Oceanographer at Seabird Scientific. Ocean biogeochemistry/ ARGO expert.
  • Salvador Garcia

    Marketing & Sales
    BA Calpoly Humboldt State Univ. Marketing professional with 20 years experience commercial real estate. Served in Peru Peace Corps 2008-10.
  • Robert Lipstein

    Financial Advisor
    CPA with over 40 years experience. Former senior partner KPMG LLP, leading its advisory practice for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

“You cannot protect the oceans without solving climate change and you can’t solve climate change without protecting the oceans.”

— John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate