Meet the team

Philip Kithil

Chief Executive Officer

Philip Kithil leads Ocean-based Climate Solutions, Inc. Phil is a successful entrepreneur who has ventured into economic consulting, automotive safety, and marine technology, holding multiple patents connected to the concept of artificial upwelling.

Philip Fullam

Chief Engineer

Since 2005 has been leading the team of engineers that have designed, tested, and built Artificial Upwelling Pumps. BSME, Mechanical Engineering, Machine Design.

Dr. Ian Walsh

Consulting Chief Scientist

Former Director of Science at Seabird Electronics. Leading the effort to measure the amount of carbon captured by the artificial upwelling pumps, and their impact on the marine ecosystem.

Chris White

Chief of Operations

Leads operations, permitting, and logistics teams on the production and deployment of ocean upwelling pumps.

Salvador Garcia

Chief Revenue Officer

Inbound consultant with more than thirteen years of experience helping businesses grow. Specialized in digital marketing, sales funnel, and international business development. Responsible for RFP acquisitions, carbon markets, and certification.
Robert Lipstein

Robert “Bob” Lipstein

Financial Advisor, CPA

Experienced public and private company board member and audit committee chair. Retired senior partner from KPMG where he led the firm’s Sarbanes Oxley services. CPA with IPO and operations management experience.

Amal Bhattarai

Technical Director

Consulting engineer and CO2 sequestration evangelist. Mr. Bhattarai is an accomplished engineer with multiple patents in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) for optical switching
Nicholas Phelps

Nicholas Phelps

Design Engineer

Mechanical engineer with a focus on sustainable design and carbon sequestration.


We’re building a culture at Ocean-based Climate Solutions where amazing people (like you) can do their best work and fight climate change! As our company evolves we will need people from the biological sciences, oceanography, engineering, to marketing, sales, accounting and finance!
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