1. Deploy wave-powered 500 meter deep pumps in nutrient-depleted zones (ocean gyres)
  2. To deliver higher-nutrient seawater
  3. Which triggers ocean photosynthesis: Sunlight + Nutrients + Water + CO2 = Phytoplankton Blooms
  4. Phytoplankton sink at death or in fecal pellets (eaten by zooplankton/fish)
  5. BGC Argo for measuring sinking rate/depth of phytoplankton
  6. Buoy for Argo
  7. Argo sea-anchor keeps rope down current
  8. Argo Lines. The first line is a vertical rope extending 500 meters below the pump, held by a 300 lbs ballast weight connected to a diagonal rope, which is the path the BGC Argo measures data points that determine the sequestration of the CO2.
How Ocean Nutrient Pumps (Artificial Upwelling Pumps) Sequester CO2