End of Life

At end of life, the Pumps are removed and brought onshore for recycling or disposal. Our pricing At end of life, the Pumps are removed

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Maintenance Management

Ocean Nutrient Pumps (Artificial Upwelling Pumps or Pumps) have a design life of 80+ years if properly maintained. Much of the routine maintenance can be

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Pump Design

(Pre-deployment configuration) Tube, full rolled up Rotational brakes Parachute Panels Front View Main Buoy Instrument Chamber High-strength ropes Outlet Tube Bottom-weight Valve (2500 lbs) Side

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How Pumps Work

Deploy wave-powered 500 meter deep pumps in nutrient-depleted zones (ocean gyres) To deliver higher-nutrient seawater Which triggers ocean photosynthesis: Sunlight + Nutrients + Water +

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Intro to Ocean Upwelling Pumps

A scalable ocean-based carbon removal technology  Our ocean-based carbon removal technology, Ocean Upwelling Pumps (also known as Artificial Upwelling Pumps), uses ocean wave energy to

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