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Saving Mother Earth: Top 5 Strange Ways to Prevent Global Warming

The Earth is not only a planet in the solar system but also the only planet where life thrives. But unfortunately, it is defaced and valued. The inhabitants of Earth are not doing enough to deal with the ill effects of global warming. The use of carbon dioxide removal technology is not enough.

So, do we at all deserve its resources? Do we at all deserve to live on this planet?

What good are we doing to our planet? What steps can you probably take to help it overcome the evils of global warming?

Perhaps these and more questions demand answers today. Because, if we do not start today then the consequences will soon be knocking at our doors.

Inspiring companies that use carbon removal solutions are doing their part by helping phytoplankton bloom. These blooms release more oxygen into the air, allowing global warming to come down. 

But do you think that only this can help save our Earth?

The answer is almost glaring at our faces. It is straight away ‘NO’.

Thus, let us take a look at those strange ways that, when adopted, can reduce global warming. If not today, then it is never because tomorrow never comes!

Unique ways to reduce global warming  

Take a look at these strange and unique ways to restrict global warming.

a. Bring a change in the construction of buildings.

We waste a lot of energy while heating or cooling our homes or offices. While a room heater or an air conditioner is in progress, heat emissions are inevitable. Instantly, this affects the environment and the atmosphere around you. So, suppose we can opt for more sustainable homes with insulated walls and energy-efficient sealing drafts, leading to less use of heaters or air conditioners.

b. Buy energy-efficient appliances and bulbs.  

Energy-efficient appliances have been in use since 1987. According to the NRDC, since we began to use energy-efficient appliances it has prevented about 2.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide from contaminating the air. These appliances are one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions besides carbon dioxide removal technology. So, the next time you go shopping for appliances like refrigerators, toasters, air conditioners, room heaters, etc., look for the label that states the energy-efficiency standards. Also, use CFLs and LEDs that help in less energy consumption and emit reduced heat. Moreover, they also save hugely on your electricity bills. This small step will have huge benefits.  

c. Save water to reduce carbon pollution.  

You must be wondering how that is possible. The water you use is mainly heated, treated, and then pumped into the water lines. So, the more water you use, the water treating and distributing machines will need more heating, treating, and pumping processes. In the process, we use a lot of electricity which also emits carbon and heat. Therefore, if water wastage is restricted, we will not have to face these consequences. If we can do this, we can avoid about 80,000 tons of global warming pollution. As a solution, take shorter showers, change a faulty tap or water pipe, reuse water, etc.  

Thus, these steps help aid in carbon removal solutions.

d. Maintain private and public vehicles.  

Old vehicles, around 15 years old or more, contribute mainly to air pollution. Since their models and mechanisms are outdated, they are not energy-efficient. As a result, they happen to emit harmful carbon particles in the air and increase the temperature abnormally. Besides such vehicles, any old or new vehicle must undergo proper maintenance and pollution check. Suppose we can maintain the cars well and they meet the energy-efficiency standards set by the country’s government. In that case, we can prevent global warming effectively. Also, keeping your tires well inflated can increase your gas mileage by more than 3%. Every gallon of saved gasoline removes around 20 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere.

e. Discourage the use of coal.

One of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is the coal-burning power plants. Thus, the burning of coal is a huge environmental issue. As global warriors, we can discourage the use of coal in factories and even at homes. Change will not happen in a day, but taking baby steps will eventually yield the desired results of using less coal. Moreover, many invest in coal stocks, unknowingly encouraging carbon emissions. Investing in coal has to stop and must be strictly discouraged. So, when people and companies begin divesting coal stocks, it will lead to a better global atmosphere. This action is a great accomplice for carbon dioxide removal technology.


As an emerging ocean carbon removal company, Ocean-based Climate Solutions Inc. has come up with effective carbon removal solutions for the oceans. They are doing this with the help of a pump that mixes the trapped carbon dioxide in the ocean waters. The phytoplankton then uses carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and emits oxygen. In the process, phytoplankton reduce the warming and ill effects of carbon. Ocean-based Climate Solutions Inc. is taking one day at a time to bring the havoc-causing carbon dioxide under control. With the construction of a buoy attached to a water pumping machine, they are indeed bringing about a seachange in the global atmosphere.