November 2022 – Canary Islands / GEOMAR

22 November 2022, Kiel to Las Palmas. Can bringing nutrient-rich deep water to the surface artificially help the ocean store more CO2? This is what the research network Test-ArtUp tries to find out. As part of its research, the group has now put a pump powered by waves in the Atlantic Ocean, south of the Canary Islands. The pump used only the energy from the waves to bring nutrient-rich water from 200 meters down to the surface, where phytoplankton can use it. Phytoplankton are tiny algae that make up the base of the ocean’s food web. The test shows if it would be possible to use wave energy to bring deep water to the surface to help the oceans take in more carbon dioxide. Along with the deployment, there will be a large measurement program that will try to find out how artificial upwelling affects marine life.