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Effective Solutions to Reverse Climate Change

Is the Earth, our home, gradually reaching its end? Aren’t we responsible for the inevitable end?

These are dreadful and almost like living a nightmare. With the passage of each second, the Earth is growing older, and we, its inhabitants, its children, are only increasing the stakes. But thankfully, the top carbon removal companies are coming up with solutions to do their bit.

Yet, how often do we sit and wonder about the global issues like

● Global warming
● Melting glaciers
● Increasing sea level
● Polluted air, etc.

Or for how long do you think we can carry on like this? What future are we creating for our children and even the unborn?

The future, where we have to wear oxygen masks and carry an oxygen cylinder each, is nearing.

But before that happens, it is about time that we stop, think, and act now!

Let us take a pledge towards a better tomorrow and a greener Earth. We can do it by observing some simple yet effective methods to reverse climate change. Eventually, saving our home, our Mother Earth!

How can you contribute?
Remember ‘United we Stand, Divided we Fall’ and so in this battle we have to be together. Each effort will be precious.

a. Teach people to love nature
When we love something, we grow possessive and caring towards it. So, why can’t it be the same for nature? We need to tell everyone about the importance of nature and how nature makes contributions to our daily lives. If the need arises, we will have to propagate the need to love and save wildlife. Only when we instill the need to save Mother Nature will we be able to take the issues of reversing climate change seriously. After all, the Earth does not belong to us, but we belong to the Earth. So, let us all grow conscious and spread awareness about nature. Eventually, saving the Earth.

b. Make this world plastic and carbon-free
Carbon emissions and industrial residuals are deadly. At the same time, plastic is another harmful material choking plants and animals. We need to get rid of these two as much as possible. Even though we cannot completely do away with carbon emissions or plastic, we can take some preventive measures. Some carbon removal companies are leveraging wave energy to grow a tiny plant called phytoplankton that absorbs carbon dioxide on the ocean’s surface. Consequently, a boom in phytoplankton growth helps to emit more oxygen into the atmosphere while reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, which helps to cool our planet..

c. Use the natural resources wisely
Even though mother Earth has been generous so far, we need to remember that her resources are limited. Either we use her resources wisely or go about how we are going towards doomsday. Unless we preserve and grow cautious towards protecting the natural resources, we will surely face the music! Soon the world will run out of water, become a forest of concrete, and have no fresh air to breathe in.

d. Protect the oceans and forests
Our oceans and forest lands are going to keep us alive and kicking, provided we do the needful to preserve them. We must begin with preventing ourselves from interfering with the forests and oceans. The same old practices have to be adapted:

● Reduce car emissions
● Prevent draining of industrial wastes into the water bodies
● Avoid using plastic bags that choke the aquatic creatures
● Restrict animal poaching and illegal cutting down of trees

We are saving ourselves and future generations by saving our forests and oceans..

e. Ensure the growth of phytoplankton
Phytoplankton are pivotal in the Earth’s carbon cycle. They help in the processing and storing of carbon which helps in using carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Phytoplankton are responsible for oxygen production, and aid in absorbing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transferring it to the ocean. So, when the carbon removal companies use their technology to sequester the carbon dioxide from the sea, they encourage the growth of phytoplankton, leading to phytoplankton blooms and more oxygen emissions into the atmosphere.

Final words:
Ocean-based Climate Solutions Inc. has come up with the best  carbon dioxide removal solutions that are promising. These solutions effectively remove the carbon dioxide dissolved in the ocean’s upper layers and store it in the deep ocean. Their technology triggers phytoplankton’s growth, which are responsible for half the oxygen we breathe on Earth. When phytoplankton die, they sink to the bottom of the ocean. This entire cycle, known as the Biological Carbon Pump, largely reverses global warming, thus helping the Earth heal.