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What are the risks of deploying Artificial Upwelling Pumps? Will ocean acidification worsen as more CO2 dissolves into the ocean from the atmosphere? The deep water is cold and, therefore, denser than surface water. Won’t it just sink back down? The deepwater brought upward by AUP’s contains more dissolved CO2 than the upper ocean. Will…
Ocean Photosynthesis

How to Stop Climate Change: The 2 Silver Bullets that Restore Our Climate!

How to stop climate change. Real nature-based solutions If you searched how to stop climate change and ended up here, then you are a climate scientist, warrior, or professional in the making, beginning, or in the middle of your journey to putting an end to this climate crisis. This isn't a top 10 list of…

Stock for Carbon (S4C)

Financial solution Stock for Carbon for Public Companies with Negative Emissions Goals. The second question is: assuming the AUP technology is adopted, which companies can afford to pay cash, or more likely pay in stock to preserve their working capital? To answer this, we first calculated the percentage of cash on hand (in most cases…