Carbon Dioxide Removal

250 tons/year per pump

Each upwelling pump removes approximately 250 tons of CO2 per year, per a study by Ocean Scientists Dave Karl and Ricardo Letelier.

Karl, David M., Ricardo M. Letelier, “Nitrogen fixation-enhanced carbon sequestration in low nitrate, low chlorophyll seascapes” MEPS 364:257-268 (2008)

Efficient CDR

Sequester CO2 for as little as US$ 15 / ton

The projected 2022 cost is $423 per ton removed. Phasing in new pumps annually could reduce the cost per ton to under $15 by 2050:

Projected costs above include:

  • Baseline Directo Costs per Pump FOB port
  • Learning curve cost saving.
  • Inflation Rate
  • Costs before RR&R or Communications
  • Repair, replace, reburbish (RR&R) sinking fund
  • 5 year data comm cost per Argo (1 per 20)
  • Adjusted cost per Autonomous Upwelling Pump
  • Shipping/Loading, Staff, Travel & Onsite
  • Total cost per pump
  • Gross profit margin.

Cooling of the upper ocean

Natural upwelling process, accelerated.

The Oxygenator cools the upper ocean with nutrient-rich water that oxygenates and feeds phytoplankton.

Image Adapted from Source:

Ecosystem Restoration

Restoration to the Food Chain & Ocean

Phytoplankton are the base for the ocean foodchain, which feed zooplankton, which in turn feeds fish and so on.

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Tipping Point of a Carbon Circular Economy

The widely reported announcement of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal funded by Elon Musk is yet another major star aligning for the emerging Circular Carbon Economy. Cycling CO2 out of the atmosphere to address climate change and build a more sustainable economic future is finally firmly on the global agenda.

Indeed, Carbon Capture Is Key to Companies’ Net Zero Pledges as noted in The Wall Street Journal.

And just another not on why this is heating up. Jeff Bezos to give away US$ 1 billion a year to fight climate change.

Our solution is high-tech, scalable solution for climate change that will provide thousands of jobs for worldwide:

– Manufacturing of autonomous upwelling pumps
– Deployment of autonomous upwelling pumps
– Construction of Boats & Factories in Port Cities
– The Fisheries Industry will benefit because of the abundance of fish.