AUPs are Production & Deployment Ready

Each Autonomous Upwelling Pump can grow enough phytoplankton to remove approximately 250 tons of carbon dioxide per year. We can produce and deploy enough AUPs to meet your CO2 removal or carbon-negative credit goals.


Breakthrough Scientific Based Methods for Measuring CO2 Removed.

We verify CO2 removed with biogeochemical Argo robotic floats, powered by OTEC batteries that allow us to take daily gradient readings from the surface to 1000 meters depth, providing high-resolution data sent via satellite to CLS Argo. There, the data is quality controlled where third parties can independently verify results.


Built to Last

We’ve engineered AUPs to continuously, passively, and autonomously operate for 80 to 100-years. We’ve designed them to work physically and biologically to free-drift in the ocean. 99% of the AUP is submerged, protecting it from hazardous weather, and we’ve built the buoys to never go above 3 meters in height, dunking under stormy 20-meter waves.  If needed, we’ve set aside funds to repair, recover and replace AUPs.


Get net-negative at under US$ 10 per ton of CO2 removed or zero cash.

  • AUPs operate continuously, year after year, powered by renewable wave energy allowing them to achieve a long-term cost of under US$ 10 per ton of CO2 removed when produced at scale.
  • We can provide a Bill of Sale at the request of our customers, which can favor corporations based in countries where AUPs (a tangible asset like a company vehicle) can be depreciated over time for tax purposes, achieving a more significant ROI. Your CFO will love this.
  • You can purchase AUPs with zero cash with Stock for Carbon (S4C). Yes, you read that right – zero money. S4C is a climate financing option that we promote to accelerate the adoption of negative emissions technologies and make it feasible for all industries to get net-negative now. We don’t have time.


AUPs replenish the oceans with an estimated 1-2 tons of additional fish per year

Our climate and ocean positive technology grows phytoplankton which are the base of the ocean food chain. Based on the amount of phytoplankton grown, we estimate 1.5 tons of additional wild-caught fish per year per AUP.


Adoption of AUPs will start a new economy and strengthen the fishing industry!

Our climate and ocean positive technology is scalable and will provide thousands of jobs:

  • Production & Deployment in port cities around the world.  A factory producing and deploying 1000 AUPs per year will require 25 full-time employees.
  • Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting of CO2 removed.  We monitor 24/7 data of CO2 removed and report to our customers.
  • Additional fish in our oceans will favor the commercial fisher industry.