Adoption of AUPs will start a new economy and strengthen the fishing industry! Our climate and ocean positive technology is scalable and will provide thousands

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AUPs replenish the oceans with an estimated 1-2 tons of additional fish per year Our climate and ocean positive technology grows phytoplankton which are the

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Get net-negative at under US$ 10 per ton of CO2 removed or zero cash. AUPs operate continuously, year after year, powered by renewable wave energy

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Built to Last We’ve engineered AUPs to continuously, passively, and autonomously operate for 80 to 100-years. We’ve designed them to work physically and biologically to free-drift

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Breakthrough Scientific Based Methods for Measuring CO2 Removed. We verify CO2 removed with biogeochemical Argo robotic floats, powered by OTEC batteries that allow us to take

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AUPs are Production & Deployment Ready Each Autonomous Upwelling Pump can grow enough phytoplankton to remove approximately 250 tons of carbon dioxide per year. We

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