How Does Marine Snow Help in Climate Change?

We could aid the ocean in removing atmospheric carbon dioxide by encouraging marine snow formation. Marine snow could be used as a drawdown technique to stop global warming and climate change. This has been helping the top carbon sequestration companies to reverse climate change. Oceanographers refer to collections of sinking debris in the water column…
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Top 9 Frequently Asked Questions About Marine Snow

Are you amazed to know that something called marine snow even exists? Then you might find this article to be extremely interesting. We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions that interested readers often flood us with! You will find much information about marine snow, how they contribute to global climate reversal,…
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What Are the Benefits of Marine Snow?

Some animals and plants die naturally near the ocean's surface and decompose. The ocean floor is then covered with this biological debris or remains. The slowly dispersing debris frequently resembles snowflakes and looks almost whitish. This gradually turns into Marine Snow. Marine snow may contain feces, inorganic dust, soot, sand, and plant and animal waste.…
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Which Industries Are Benefiting From Ocean Upwelling?

Documentaries and movies that depict ocean life usually show swarms of fish traveling together in close-knit groups. Often, these fish feed on the food available in the ocean itself. What is imperceptible is the movement of the water from the ocean floor. This movement of the water happens to bring up the rich nutrients closer…
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Ocean Upwelling: Its Meaning, Importance & Benefits

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The Latest Technology Used for Carbon Dioxide Sequestering

Technology has made the lives of people way too easy. But how far do you think or believe it has been instrumental in reversing climate change? Or how pivotal it is to impact the Earth’s climate and temperature? This blog aims to address these questions and how co2 sequestration companies and others are making the best…
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6 Ways to Create a Better World for the Future Generations

As the world grows older, generations after generations will come and go. What will this aging Earth be offering to our children? All the natural resources are exhausting and we are facing ecological imbalances and climatic havoc. So, what will future generations experience?   How often do we sit back and think about what impacts…
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Saving Mother Earth: Top 5 Strange Ways to Prevent Global Warming

The Earth is not only a planet in the solar system but also the only planet where life thrives. But unfortunately, it is defaced and valued. The inhabitants of Earth are not doing enough to deal with the ill effects of global warming. The use of carbon dioxide removal technology is not enough. So, do we…