We get companies to carbon negative at less than US$ 10 / ton of CO2 removed, long-term cost, or no cost with “Stock for Carbon.”

We manufacture and deploy Autonomous Upwelling Pumps (AUPs) for public corporations to meet their carbon negative goals and for world governments to meet their Paris climate accord promises. AUPs, in addition to removing CO2, achieve localized ocean fertilization (more biomass: zooplankton, fish, tuna, sharks, whales), and at scale will provide jobs in port cities around the world.

We are Ocean-based Climate Solutions, Inc. (OBCS), an ocean-based climate restoration company that fertilizes phytoplankton using renewable wave energy.  No cash needed to purchase to get carbon-negative. AUPs can be purchased with Stock for Carbon.

OBCS, founded in 2018, is a spinoff of its parent company, Atmocean, Inc., founded in 2005. A few highlights of our accomplishments:

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Team testing in Peru
The Discovery Channel’s Feature on our Technology in 2008!