Artificial Upwelling for Carbon Dioxide Removal

We use ocean wave energy to pump nutrient-rich deep ocean seawater to the sunlit surface to grow phytoplankton that, when they die or are eaten/pooped by the fish and marine life that feed on them, sink to the mid & deep ocean where the carbon is stored for centuries or longer.

We provide an Ocean-based Climate Solution that is:





Few conflicts


Durable & Measurable


Since 2005 we’ve raised more than 4 million dollars to test and refine our technology. We’ve partnered with major research institutions to test the pumps in labs and the open ocean.

In 2008, The Discovery Channel featured our pumps in a program called Hungry Oceans.

Today, our pumps are ready to go.

Artificial Upwelling Pump
Artificial Upwelling Pump, Morro Bay, CA