We can sequester CO2 and replenish the ocean with fish and marine life

Ocean Upwelling’s potential for Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (mCDR) is incredible because it achieves these essential outcomes:

  1. Directly captures and sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it in the ocean.
  2. Replenishes the ocean with fish and other marine life near the pump.
  3. Destratifies the surface of the ocean (cooling) near the pump.
  4. Oxygenates the waters near the pump.
  5. Creates mCDR credits that companies can use to make ocean-friendly-net-zero carbon emission products or services like automobiles, airline services, and smartphones like the one in your hand.

Ocean Upwelling is:



Few conflicts

Durable & Measurable

You can learn more about Ocean Upwelling and its scientific basis here.